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by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Companies adhering to the 'good faith, sincere cooperation' the management idea, to provide customers with quality and cheap products and professional, high quality service, committed to improving the economic benefits of customer equipment. My company produces belt variety, characteristic development, size is complete, the part of the belt reached the international advanced level. Main products: flat belt, nylon baseband, pu flat belt, flat belt leather, spindle tape, grinding zone ( Canvas belt) And flat belt seamless rubber synchronous belt series: polyurethane ( PU) Opening synchronous belt, pu ( PU) Seamless band, polyurethane ( PU) Shuttle synchronous belt, pu ( PU) Tooth surface with synchronous belt, white PU seamless ring synchronous belt, rubber synchronous belt and arc-gear synchronous belt, high torque synchronous belt, strong rabbit tooth synchronous belt, synchronous belt, double-sided tooth belt conveyor belt series: grade PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, PVC belt, teflon conveyor belt with a variety of decorative pattern, resistant to high winter, food conveyor belt and other various special conveyor belt roller belt series: high resistance to rough bread roll with triangle series: ordinary triangle, narrow V belt, transmitte belt, adjustable belt, PU V belt rubber wedge belt PU wedge with special processing belt: thickening wedge belt, thickening of synchronous belt, flat tape, ultra light conveyor belt, super-long, extra-wide synchronous belt, synchronous belt baseband adding glue, add baffle, slitting, punching, add sponge, red, green, yellow, white, transparent PU adhesive, decorative pattern, mould customized special services such as supply industrial gear: aluminum alloy synchronous wheel, synchronous wheel, nylon wheel, umbrella gear, synchronous belt of briquetting layering and other industrial gear according to drawings and at the same time acting British AITOM, Chirion, Habasit, British fenner imported industrial belt, etc. My company will be excellent products, reasonable price, thoughtful service for the purpose, welcome new and old customers to negotiate orders. For the majority of users solve the problem on the industrial belt. More hope to our professional knowledge of industrial belt and service can bring help to your production enterprise. Welcome to negotiate business with our company.
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