Handling Skills of Pattern Conveyor Belt Slipping

by:Uliflex     2020-06-06
The pattern conveyor belt slips. The reason may be that the belt tension of the belt conveyor is low or the surface of the driving roller is sticky with material or moisture. Here, it is recommended that you tighten the screw to increase the tension. Clean the drive roller and increase the cleaning power of the empty section cleaner. The patterned conveyor belt deflects at both ends. The reason may be that the assembly position of the roller is skewed, and the screw of the tensioning device on the side of the deviation should be tightened and adjusted to the roller position. Adjust the position of the drive roller by adjusting the bearing seat. The pattern conveyor belt deviates in the middle. The reason may be that the mounting position of the idler is not correct. It should be checked whether the installation position of each idler is perpendicular to the belt conveyor belt, otherwise loosen the installation bolts to adjust the idler position. After adjusting, tighten the bolts. In addition, if the feed point of the feed port is not in the center of the conveyor belt, it may also cause deviation. The feed situation should be improved.
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