Has some of the advantages of the synchronous belt wheel

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel in many fields has been widely used, it is because it compared with other products, there are so many advantages. First of all take the simplest installation, because it is not like other products when installing the trouble. It's fast and convenient to install, save time efficient can save 3-5 times working hours, no additional hole keyway. Synchronous belt wheel physical automatic locking collar design, avoid recessive damage tolerance, clearance or tolerance is larger, the automatic lock. Good rust resistance on the surface, the black salt spray antirust processing. Specializing in the production of the purchase and install namely. Is time saving and efficient, effectively avoid the traditional damage tolerance and recessive characteristics. Can realize zero clearance from linkage. Has a high accuracy of dynamic torsion, don't worry it will loosen or transmission precision and clearance problems. After tempering finishing grinding processing, smooth, elastic energy is good, all plastic bags sealing paper box packing. But it has different types of synchronous belt wheel, M type: is a circular arc tooth, suitable for high power high torque of the synchronous belt wheel transmission. Its transmission power than the ladder type tooth synchronous belt wheel and the T 3 - tooth synchronous belt wheel Five times, but the M type HTD arc-gear synchronous drive speed is given priority to with medium and low speed, not suitable for high speed rotation. L, T, H: is trapezoidal tooth week restraint it allows larger linear velocity, so the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt wheel can be used for high speed transmission.
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