How many new products are launched under branded tpu belt ?
The market needs are more and more diverse. To be more competitive in the market, introducing new products from time to time is essential. For this purpose, Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd has been investing a lot on technology and product R&D as well as design innovation over many years, such as employing more creative R&D professionals and designers, offering the existing professionals a series of high-level training courses, introducing advanced equipment, and so on. Hard works always pay off. A number of significant R&D and innovation results have been achieved every year in the past years. Uliflex Transmission will become more and more diverse and comprehensive as we continue to pursue innovation.

As an excellent manufacturer of rubber timing belt, Uliflex Transmission is deeply loved by customers. Uliflex Transmission's pvc conveyor belt series include multiple types. The product is free of constant flicking. Compared to the traditional lighting which is controlled by Alternating Current(AC), LED lighting is controlled by Direct Current(DC) power supply with a low voltage. The power transmission efficiency will not be lost when using it. The product has a wide range of applications in the industry. It can be welded with different types of cleats.

our company is committed to 'ensuring that every customer in the world has high-quality pu belt'.
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