How many types of industrial belts are there?

by:Uliflex     2020-07-08
Industrial belts are a collective name for conveyor belts and transmission belts, which contain a wide variety of sub-types. Here Uliflex Belt Company introduces you to some commonly used belts: Classification by use: Industrial belt: transmission belt used in industrial and mining machinery Electronics industry: used in the electronics industry, the conveyor belt of logistics and express delivery Automobile: specializing in the transmission belt of internal combustion engines such as automobiles and tractors Agriculture: belts dedicated to working machines for agricultural machinery such as harvesters Variable speed belt: Used in conjunction with variable-pitch pulleys, it can continuously change the transmission ratio within a certain range, and its relative height is generally below 0.5. Light load belt: belt for low power transmission Electrostatically conductive belt: a belt with electrostatic conductivity Classified by variety: PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, polyurethane timing belt, rubber timing belt, felt conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, rubber triangle belt, multi-wedge belt, multi-groove belt, joint belt, round belt, conveyor belt, timing belt, film Baseband, PVC conveyor belt, synchronous wheels, etc. There are several types of industrial belts, industrial transmission belts, automotive transmission belts and conveyor belts: Industrial transmission belts and automobile transmission belts are all transmission belts. Transmission belt The transmission belt is used to transmit mechanical power, including flat transmission tape and triangular transmission tape (V-shaped tape). It is composed of rubber and reinforced materials (such as cotton canvas, rayon, synthetic fiber or steel wire, etc.). It is made of multi-layer rubber canvas, synthetic fiber fabric, cord and steel wire as the tensile layer, and the covered rubber is formed and vulcanized. Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, the tape structure has the advantages of simple mechanism, low noise and low equipment cost, and is widely used in various power transmission.
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