How synchronous pulley and synchronous belt with the purchase and use

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
When the synchronous pulley and synchronous belt to cooperate, need accurate matches together, also can be used together. But at the time of purchase and selection have made difficult, a lot of people because of the need to take care of the two products at the same time, in addition, more is don't know how to match two kinds of product. Regardless of synchronous belt wheel, belt selection. For tooth profile is standardized, common have millions of torque series of S1. 5 m, S2M S5M etc. , other commonly used machine model of the tooth series, such as MXL. They will provide width of several series such as 3. 2 mm, 4 mm and minimum pulley diameter and number of teeth, the length is more than N chose, because to meet the needs of different working schedule, the supplier can refer to the sample of the manual, different suppliers, would not be quite the same as the length of the series, big supplier is there are many kinds of choice, small scope of the choice of the small. Synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel is used, and synchronous belt and tooth profile to first is S2M, for example, if is the number of teeth and pitch diameter, this one, also series, such as MXL with a minimum of 10 teeth, teeth of the bar diameter is 6. 47mm。 Can have a variety of series of tooth number selection is also. As for the width is decided by yourself, of course, or synchronous belt width to wide, to see if there is any need to add guard, to prevent the synchronous belt transmission, slid out.
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