How to carry out daily maintenance of 'Uliflex'

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
The daily maintenance of imported industrial belts includes custom-made PVC conveyor belts, timing belt gears, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, rubber PU timing belts, PU triangle belt wholesale, etc.

Imported industrial belts play a very important role in our production. Therefore, the normal operation of imported industrial belts is crucial to the production of enterprises. In our daily production, we should not only pay attention to the correct use of imported industrial belts, but we should also carry out normal daily maintenance. To make imported industrial belts better serve our production, let's summarize some of the maintenance content of imported industrial belts in daily production:

   1. According to the operating conditions of imported industrial belts, timely adjust related equipment. Prevent the deviation of imported industrial belts from causing the edge of imported industrial belts to wear out and damage the upper and lower covering rubbers. Cause the wire rope to be exposed and fall off.

  2. Remove the attachments on the surface of the transmission drum in time to prevent bubbling, wire rope twitching, and elongation of the vulcanized joint that affect the strength of the joint due to the irregular shape of the drum surface.

  3. The vulcanized joint is the weak part of the strength of the conveyor belt. The joint opening is initially manifested as glue cracking. Water penetrates the wire rope through the gap of the core rubber, causing the wire rope to rust, break the wire, twitch, etc. Regular inspection of joint elongation changes, abnormal surface changes, etc., preventive inspections should be done, and defective vulcanized joints should be repaired in time.

  4. If there are defects such as imported industrial belt edge rubber, covering rubber falling off, and partially exposed steel wire ropes, cold bonding or vulcanization hot repair should be performed in time. According to the partial defect status of the industrial belt, different repair methods such as cold repair, hot vulcanization, and steel wire filling are selected to keep the surface of the industrial belt intact.

   In the process of installing or repairing and replacing imported industrial belts, we must control the total length of the imported industrial belts after glueing. It is necessary to strictly manage the construction process of imported industrial belt glued joints, pay attention to construction details, and ensure the quality of joints. In the process of installation or maintenance, the construction technology must be strictly implemented, no cutting corners, no shortening of time. It is also necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance and management of industrial belts to ensure its use effect and extend its service life.
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