How to change the production process of fixed belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Belt of the production process has been no big change in different parts of the world, nothing more than rubber mixing, molding, vulcanization of three big process. The difference is that when cutting type triangle cancelled the V belt forming bag cloth, and instead of cutting after vulcanization, at the same time increase the grinding process. For cog-type belt is on the belt tooth groove model, first into outsourcing canvas, then spiraling around the conductor, and then overlying rubber sheet, together with the model into vulcanizing pot sulfide. At this point, the use of rubber plastic flow in the heat from the core of the gap will be canvas inside the tooth filling the mould to form a toothed, sulfide and then removed from the model into the appropriate width. The production process, the manufacturing process of belt artificially divided into several pieces, can't link up; Combined with the transmission belt specifications too much, production batch is small, frequent product changes, to the continuous of process equipment, automation has brought many difficulties, the production efficiency is very low. The current trend of the development of abroad, one is to research and implementation process of continuous production, improve the level of automatic control equipment, prompted greatly improve production efficiency, 2 it is to continue to expand use liquids such as polyurethane elastomer, radically simplify process, shorten the process, change the traditional way of rubber processing technology. Now, polyurethane liquid phase process in small and micro, has dominated, is optimistic outlook. Tags: triangle triangle agent manufacturers polyurethane PU synchronous belt
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