How to choose imported industrial belts for processing

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
There are many kinds of imported industrial belts and machine tool conveyor belts for machining centers. Commonly used specifications for machining centers are 8YU-920, 5GT-440, 8YU-1000, and 5GT-830. Brands generally use GATES, UNITTA, etc.

Auxiliary equipment industrial belt

230XL, 220XL, 206XL, 225L, 5M-400, 5M-500, 5M-520, 5M-535,

5m-545,5M-575,210XL, 187L, 1.5*118, 1.5*70 teeth 1.5*124.A33.A76.

Simmat lathes, wire cutting equipment, milling machines, wire cutting accessories, lathes, bench drills, precision CNC, grinders, CNC bending machines, Shenyang lathes, suitable for Ningbo Haishu, Ningbo Zhenwei, Suzhou Sanguang Machine and other line machines
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