How to choose timing belt and timing belt wheel?

by:Uliflex     2020-07-04
Many engineering and design personnel often encounter the problems of timing belt selection calculation and timing belt wheel selection in mechanical design and transformation. They do not know how to find the timing belt, timing belt wheel parameters, and do not know how to draw pictures, or for products. Unprofessional, causing a lot of detours for the design of the transmission system. Here, Dongguan Uliflex Industrial Belt Company tells you how to select the timing belt and the selection of the timing wheel. First of all, you have a certain understanding of the timing belt and timing wheel products , Here you can synchronize the belt parameters, synchronous wheel synchronous belt parameters! The tooth shape of the timing belt is divided into trapezoidal teeth and arc teeth, and the material is divided into rubber materials and polyurethane materials. This needs to be prioritized according to the characteristics of your products in the selection design. Uliflex introduces rubber synchronization for you Belt selection and synchronous pulley selection. The first type selection method is relatively simple: In the selection of synchronous belt, you need to know the two most basic data, motor power and minimum wheel speed. With these two data and the comparison with the selection diagram below, you can easily select the timing belt and timing belt wheel. Uliflex Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. can provide you with timing belt wheel selection and timing belt wheel selection business. This selection is relatively simple The second selection method is: 1. Provide motor power 2. Motor speed 3. Provide large wheel diameter range 4. Small wheel diameter range 5. Center distance Then contact Uliflex engineers to provide you with relevant written design reports and related timing belts, timing wheel parameters, and related product confirmation documents.
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