How to deal with the damage of the V-belt machine

by:Uliflex     2020-06-02
(1) There are two main reasons for the deviation of the imported V-belt: one is that the cutting point is not in the middle of the V-belt; the other is the error caused by the V-belt machine equipment. In order to align the deviation caused by the incorrect feed point, the method of changing the direction of the material flow is generally used for adjustment. The feeding system is easy to stick to the funnel due to the large water content of the mixture, and the cutting point is not correct. The four corners of the funnel are changed to ellipse corners, avoiding sticky material from the layout, and adding a feed plate inside the funnel, which effectively controls the direction of the material flow so that the material flow will gather in the middle of the triangle. Along with the transformation of the funnel, a new type of rectification equipment-a two-way traction automatic self-aligning roller set was also selected. This new equipment completely handled the problem of deviation of the V-belt. (2) The main method to avoid the imported triangle belt scratches is to change the triangle belt funnel of the whole-grain system into a box-shaped funnel, and add the height of its discharge port appropriately so that iron debris can pass smoothly; feed in the screening An iron remover is added to the front feeding triangle belt to remove iron debris in the sinter; the head scraper of the triangle belt machine is modified to depict a scraper that does not damage the triangle belt; For the wear of the triangle belt stopper on the surface of the triangle belt, select the lower idler set full of funnels, lower the gap between the inlet and the inlet triangle belt, use the thinner waste triangle belt as the stopper, etc. Maximum wear and tear can be reduced.
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