How to deal with the rust spots on the stainless

by:Uliflex     2020-06-02
How to deal with rust spots on stainless steel conveyor chain? There are two specific methods: First, chemical methods: Use pickling cream or spray to help the rusty part to re-passivate to form a chromium oxide film to restore its ability to recover from invasion. After pickling, in order to remove all the contaminants and acid residues, it is especially important to develop a suitable wash with clean water . After all disposal, polish with polishing equipment and blockade with polishing wax. For a part of the rust spots, you can also use the equivalent gasoline and engine oil inclusions to wipe off the rust spots of the conveyor chain with a clean rag. Second, the mechanical method: Sandblasting, shot blasting with glass or ceramic particles, burying, scrubbing and polishing. Use mechanical methods to or may wipe out the pollution caused by burnt materials, polished materials or buried materials. All kinds of pollution are caused by foreign iron particles or may become a source of erosion, especially in humid environments. Therefore, it is better for mechanical cleaning to look on the right track under monotonous conditions. The application of mechanical methods can only clean the appearance of the conveyor chain plate, and can not tamper with the material's own anti-infringement compensation skills.
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