How to distinguish between PVC conveyor belt and

by:Uliflex     2020-07-05
How to distinguish between PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt? I believe that many customers are not able to distinguish it directly, and some customers will question: Why is the PU conveyor belt that obviously cost several times to buy not durable? It is not uncommon for this situation, because the two belts of PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt are visually similar, but it is relatively difficult to identify for consumers who do not understand this industry. The editor can tell you a simple trick to distinguish these two materials: if you touch these two conveyor belts with your hands, you will find that PU conveyor belts are softer than PVC conveyor belts. In response to this situation, the following are some of the better distinguishing techniques so that everyone can better distinguish the two conveyor belt materials: 1. Elasticity of conveyor belt PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, PU conveyor belt rebounds quickly 2. Scratch resistance of conveyor belt The surface of the conveyor belt is scratched with nails, the surface of the PVC conveyor belt is prone to dents, and the recovery is slower; the PU conveyor belt is basically free of dents 3. Combustion smoke method PU burns less smoke, mainly white smoke, and occasionally there is smoke because of insufficient combustion. PVC burning smoke is big, all is black smoke Smell the burning smell 4. PU is burning. There is a certain scent, and the smell is small, it becomes a black viscous liquid after burning, and it sticks after touching, and there is wire drawing; when PVC burns, the smell is large, and it is very pungent. After burning, it becomes carbonized, harder, and hand twisted Will become powder
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