How to improve the use of conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
In recent years, with the European and American countries for coal and the need of our country southern rain this year, major hydropower station were full load operation, at the same time become the enterprise energy saving and emission reduction, and the nation's top priority, integrated time become the cause of the decline in coal prices this year all the way. Coal prices fall at the same time greatly influence the enthusiasm of the upstream production related enterprises, improve the enterprise internal resources recycling is particularly important. Far not take conveyor belt believe for each coal mining enterprises is a lot of money, now I want to simple say some problems about improving conveyer belt, some questions about improve the fixed number of year of the conveyor belt.

in what ways? The author sums up the points, you might as well learn from it.

  1. Improved conveyer belt hopper. Improve the hopper, conveyor belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the damage of conveyor belt early. To improve the transfer of the hopper, belt conveyor to make it through the foreign body's ability to increase 2. 5 times, long, large foreign body in the process of conveying not easy card between the funnel wall and conveyor belt, reduce the probability of foreign bodies torn conveyor belt.

hopper in the feed apron, the clearance between the conveyor belt and make it along the conveyor belt running direction is more and more big, the solution to the coal, stone stuck in between the belt and the skirt plate, conveyor belt injury caused so. Gap larger hopper, internal buffer damper installation, avoid the material directly impact on the conveyor belt.

  2. Scraper and the redirection roller. In scraper conveyor belt along the direction changing roller which is set in, eliminate the redirection roller material bonding problem and solve the local damaged caused by roller sticky material conveyor belt.

  3. Conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition of improvement. Conveyor head, tail and reproduced in the middle of the transition length and the transition way, had a great influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. Must to design a reasonable transition, should try to reduce the conveyor belt on the surface of the adhesive wear and ensure no conveyor belt fold, middle bump phenomenon, blanking of a material not leak.

  4. Conveyor in concave transition pulley. Carry out a proof, steel cable conveyor belt transverse strength is insufficient, startup, conveyor belt pulley cause local force is too large, lead to tear conveyor belt, brings pressure all round instead of pressure roller, can thoroughly solve the problem.

  5. Big lightening of balancing machine boom conveyor belt. Coal mine system yard stacker boom conveyor belt * * * at the beginning of life is very short, heavy counterweight design is a conveyor belt tension is too large, premature aging important reason of cracks. Meet a carrier material conveyor tension, on the basis of reducing weight, after delivery of the service life of coal by 1. 5 million t extend to 4. 5 million t. Material piling and taking machine 200000 t mine system counterweight boom conveyor belt to the original design of 25 t ( Including counterweight roller weight) , original German import tensile steel wire with homework in less than 3 million t serious tensile scrap, after two lightening reduce weight 6 t, domestic ordinary steel wire belt, down more than 8 million t.

  6. Material flow direction adjustment. Material flow direction has important effects on the service life of the conveyor belt, should make the material flow and conveyor belt the same operation, can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

  7. Prolong the service life of the conveyor belt local damage repair technology. ( 1) Local heat vulcanization; Is everybody often say that the conveyor belt of heat flow needs vulcanizing machine. ( 2) Local cold splash, the product has a German di put technology liquid polymer composite repair materials, but need to room temperature curing around 10 h; ( 3) Local cold sticky, di put in Germany to repair the article Longitudinal cracks) A T2, cold adhesive compound rubber longitudinal crack wall ( Need to special glue gun) 。 Advantage is that the two methods of manpower is less, has good wear resistance and reinforcing properties, shorter recovery time, the disadvantage is that the environmental requirement is high, can't restore to the original conveyor belt surface is flat and level requirements; ( 4) Conveyor belt spraying technology to repair. The technology is a mixture of several liquid materials via special equipment, high pressure spray to the belt wear surface, spray the wear-resisting layer of certain thickness according to need. Curing time is short, it is suitable for Yu Liancheng partial wear, the effect is very good, the disadvantage is that need special equipment.

  8. Choose the belt type and maintenance. Rational selection type, according to seasonal changes in a timely manner to adjust along the rectifying device, prevent bask in hood and winter maintenance measures can also extend the life of the conveyor belt.

  9. Other management issues. In order to strengthen the management of rollers and the sweeper, damage to timely replacement. Control on load startup.
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