How to select a suitable polyurethane synchronous belt?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Maybe some users on how to select appropriate equipment are of good quality and reasonable price of polyurethane synchronous belt is very upset, and with high wear-resistant polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt is more and more application of gf, synchronous belt on the market also becomes more and more big, is the so-called 'spend many eye confusion' products more up, don't know how to choose suitable for their own equipment, high ratio of polyurethane synchronous belt becomes relatively difficult, but Uliflex jun told you, as long as do the following, correct selection to the quality of polyurethane synchronous belt basic no problem! A, see word of mouth must pay attention to the product brand reputation: select the product that has a good reputation, generally on the product quality and service won't be too bad. Two, see the product materials must pay attention to the materials used by synchronous belt, the material is imported or domestic, used by the brand quality is guaranteed, good material basis is to guarantee the stability of the synchronous belt in the use of security, to ensure the transmission of its good effect. Three, see whether accord with a standard in addition to special product customization of the synchronous belt products, general of the synchronous belt products have uniform standard, whether to pay attention to the size of synchronous belt and so on according to international standards, tolerance is in compliance with international standards of production, to ensure the normal use of polyurethane synchronous belt. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , polyurethane synchronous belt custom processing, 15 years to focus on research, development, production and sales of various industrial belt special belt processing accumulated rich experience, has trained a large number of industrial belt production, processing and technical personnel, by a large number of the user's trust and support, products popular at home and abroad, for global machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide more competitive products supporting services. Welcome to come to consult!
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