How to select 'Uliflex' imported industrial belt

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
How to choose imported industrial belts, including customized PVC conveyor belts, timing belt gears, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, rubber PU timing belts, PU triangle belt wholesale, etc.

The top surfaces of several common or narrow V-belts of imported industrial belts are connected by connecting layers into a V-belt group.
Imported industrial belts are divided into two categories: ordinary V-belts and narrow V-belts.
The connecting layer of the imported industrial belt is composed of a cord with a certain strength and rubber with sufficient elasticity. It makes each single V-belt connected as a whole. The imported industrial belt can use the inconsistent vibration of a single V-belt to cancel each other and reduce To the lowest. The upper inner side of the two adjacent V-belts of the imported industrial belt has a vertical surface. The imported industrial belt makes the connecting layer and the outer surface of the pulley have enough space, which can avoid friction between the connecting layer and the pulley and because the outer circle of the pulley is not Regularly hold or tear the connecting layer.
Imported industrial belts are formed by molding and vulcanizing the same material at one time. Each V-belt has the same length, good integrity, uniform force, stable operation, high bearing capacity and long life, which is suitable for high-power transmission.
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