How to shuttle belt? Flat belt manufacturer with you understand

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
How those who buy open flat belt feeder, recently had a customer asked Uliflex flat belt manufacturers. In understanding the problem we know before they buy the open belt is supposed to do. Often buy this type belt customers have so several types: will not be able to completely determine the demand for their equipment, they need to buy back and field testing, after reasonable cutting, then travel. Also have the customer is like yourself, worry about Uliflex flat belt manufacturer connection is not so accurate, so choose to travel. Is another customer need their cases again processing of leather belt, due to the uncertainty so just let the reserved Uliflex refute mouth, shuttle on its own. So how are they connected? Uliflex here as a flat belt manufacturer is actually very few friends provide another information to customers, is the glue. Demand is less, because it itself is less, a very visible one of the few orders in numerous orders don't need shuttle, so its presence has been is not high. Glue are not ordinary glue, however, we know that piece of baseband is divided into three layers, and the connection of glue is divided into two kinds: nylon film base glue and rubber cement. They deal with different strata, it is not a stroke for many times, want to be open with the seamless belt driving this step is necessary. After Uliflex flat belt manufacturers to deliver relevant information about the various pieces of baseband interchange, in Uliflex industrial belt to phase content in the website also can see, the industrial belt welcome to learn more about information, Uliflex can provide you with comprehensive technical service and quality products.
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