Import synchronous belt simple repair!

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
There are many reasons why the failure mode of synchronous belt, and sometimes the belt failure mode is difficult to determine. We use the memo's purpose is to define and illustrate and determine the failure mode of synchronous belt, usually so that we can take the appropriate preventive measures and corrective action. In a belt running from 2 to 3 years later, when the conductor to the fatigue life, belt failure belongs to the normal situation. After a long run, the belt due to the conductor to the fatigue life and failure, this belongs to the ideal model of belt failure, but in reality, rarely have a synchronous belt is normal in operation until the end of life, and for many crack, broken synchronous belt caused by the failure, and how should we deal with? Synchronous belt failure rupture there are all kinds of situation, if is a conveyor belt local damage caused by the foreign body, in accordance with the traditional method to remove after all, repair and replace heating vulcanization or scrap. The rubber polymer repair materials can be used for, it has a very strong adhesion, outstanding wear resistance and excellent tensile properties. With rubber polymer repair materials, free disassembly, avoid hot vulcanized rubber conveyor belt scratch at the site, repair, low cost, short time, avoid scrap replacement and long downtime caused heavy losses. — — Import synchronous belt
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