Import V-belt update and maintenance to prevent loss

by:Uliflex     2020-05-28
When the imported V-belt is bent, the layer whose length and width remain unchanged is called the neutral layer. Under the specified tension, the circumference measured along the neutral layer of the triangle is called the reference length Ld, also known as the nominal length. It is mainly used for the calculation of the geometric dimensions of belt drives and the marking of triangle belts, whose length has been standardized. New and old mixed: When double or more than three triangle tapes need to be replaced, the specified type of triangle tape should be selected, and each group of triangle tapes must be of the same tightness. It is not allowed to mix new and old tapes or reduce the number of tapes. Otherwise, the new and old triangle tapes will be affected. Uneven force, even the old V-belt does not work, affecting power transmission and shortening the life of the V-belt. Strictly Prevent Contamination Strictly prevent oil pollution and muddy water in the V-belt during use, and avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis to prevent slippage and corrosion of the V-belt and early damage.
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