Imported triangle belt components and their functions

by:Uliflex     2020-06-14
Imported triangle belts, don't underestimate this black rope-shaped belt. Although its appearance is not good, but it has a lot of knowledge. Let me talk about its components first, it is thought that it is only made of rubber, the main material of the imported triangle belt is rubber, but its composition has multiple parts, such as cloth layer, stretch layer, strong layer, buffer rubber, compression layer They are all components, so what role do these components play in the actual use of the V-belt? Below, let's specifically introduce the role of these parts. 1. Cloth layer, literally understand its material is a kind of cloth, what kind of cloth is this? Plain weave canvas is a common name for cotton canvas and polyester-cotton canvas. This kind of cloth must be obliquely cut to 45 ° to make it a covering layer. The cloth cover layer has good stretch and friction performance because of its material quality. Its presence can protect other parts from wear and erosion, thereby enhancing the stiffness of the entire V-belt. 2. The stretch layer is mainly made of rubber, which has better stretch performance and elasticity. Imported V-belts are prone to tensile stress during operation, and the tensile layer can withstand this tensile stress to protect the strong layer. 3. The material of the strong layer can be divided into different types such as polyester cord, polyester tempered brown silk, aramid cord, and dipped cord fabric. The strong layer is likened to the skeleton of the triangle belt, because it is the part of the V-belt that is subjected to more stress. 4. Buffer glue. It has good adhesion strength around the strong layer and can fix the belt core. If the imported V-belt runs at a high speed, it can generate dynamic shear stress, which can be absorbed by the buffer rubber. 5. Compression layer, its material has better resistance to bending and fatigue, can withstand compressive stress, so as to ensure that the imported V-belt has better rigidity and elasticity, and improve the transmission efficiency of the imported V-belt.
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