Industrial belt industry application of fireproof

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Fireproof board equipment imported industrial belt industry application, including glass magnesium fireproof board equipment conveyor belt, gypsum board equipment industrial belt, calcium silicate board equipment conveyor belt, cement fiber board equipment belt, calcium silicate board equipment conveyor belt floor, doors, windows, etc. Conveyor belts used in other industries, Shanghai Jingwei specializes in the production of conveyor belts, transmission belts,

The general thickness of the industrial belt of the fireproof board equipment is 3MM, the green material PVC and rubber, the conveyor belt, the back side with double guide strips, the specifications of the imported industrial belts are customized according to customer needs, the circumference, width, thickness, color pattern and guide strips are customized according to the actual situation , The general delivery period is 1-2 days to ship

At present, enterprises producing fireproof board industrial belts are distributed in China. In Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi and other cities, Jingwei's fireproof board imported industrial belts occupy the market.
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