Industrial belt maintenance and maintenance of common sense

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
1 industrial belt maintenance common sense. During storage and transportation, should avoid direct sunlight or snow and rain leaching drench, keep clean, prevent and acid-base oils and organic solvents affecting the quality of rubber material such as contact. 2. During storage should avoid to make the belt to bear too much weight and deformation, to prevent mechanical damage, and shall not be too curved and extrusion. Use common sense. Note the use of belt temperature range of 2. Please do not stick to dye grease or other chemicals on the belt. 3. Belt installation tools or external forces do not work directly on the belt. 4. Belt and pulley should be kept clean and shall not be stained with oil and water. 5. Belt when installation, should check the transmission system, transmission shaft and the driving wheel is vertical, whether parallel between the shaft and driving wheel on a plane, if not, should be corrected. The performance of each brand products and materials are different, all maintenance also has a lot of kinds.
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