Industrial belt maintenance during the rainy season

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Imported industrial belt PVC PU material has green conveyor belt, food white industrial belt, PVC material conveyor belt, don't worry about rainy season, waterproof and moisture-proof, shortcomings are not temperature-resistant, oil-resistant, PU material is waterproof and moisture-proof, ordinary temperature, oil, antibacterial.

Industrial V-belt: Oil-resistant and moisture-resistant, high temperature will extend, and maintenance is more convenient

Industrial film base tape: oil and moisture resistant, high temperature will extend

Industrial rubber timing belt: Ordinary oil resistant, you are resistant to friction, high temperature will extend

Industrial active belt: oil-resistant, friction-resistant, high temperature can easily adjust the length of the belt.

Industrial PU timing belt: Oil-resistant and moisture-resistant, it will be deformed at high temperature, the surface of the belt will be oxidized and the color will turn yellow when exposed to the air for a long time.

The maintenance temperature and oil of other industrial belts are as far away as possible, and the air is isolated, so that the life of the belt is greatly extended.
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