Industrial belt silicone belt which is strong

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Silicone rubber belts for industrial belts, referred to as Silicone Rubber (SI), silicone rubber industrial belts are characterized by temperature resistance of 200 degrees, non-sticky surface, soft and elastic belt body, more white in color, thickness 2-15mm, silicone rubber industrial belts generally have a thickness of 5mm the following. The width is 2 meters and the length is unlimited.

There are 2 types of overall structure of industrial belt silicone belt,

A seamless non-skeleton silicone tape or silicone block, the whole is translucent and extensible,

The back surface of the silica gel on the second surface has good tensile strength and negligible extensibility. It can be used as an industrial silica gel belt to connect into a ring shape. It can be heated for tooth connection, steel buckle connection, grinding connection, etc.

Industrial silicone belt industry applications, packaging equipment, ovens, photovoltaic industry, etc., the actual use of silicone belt surface non-sticky glue and other viscous substances.
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