Industrial synchronous triangle belt transmission using the wizard

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Industrial synchronous triangle belt transmission is to use the toothed belt tooth mesh to transfer the power of a new type of transmission, application in various industries is more and more widely. But in the use of some of the need to pay attention to. Below to learn about the specific considerations: 1. Before installation, if the structure of the two axis center distance is adjustable, should first will center distance shortened, adhesive tape, installed and adjusted according to the requirement center distance, if the two axis center distance is not to adjust, then a triangle can be set into the first round of slot, and then turn another pulley, the triangle adhesive tape, use the same method with a set of triangle tape of it. No use tools to pry, hard hard when installing drag on triangle, in case of triangle belt elongation too loose or too tight. 2. To prevent channeling, installing a pulley, two on the center of the pulley needs to align, otherwise it will cause the triangle tape unilateral work, serious wear and tear, and reduce the triangle belt service life. Consistence, looseness of the triangle tape need to regularly check adjustment, to make it conform to the requirements. Triangle too loose not only easy to slip, but also increase the triangle wear, can't even pass the power; Too loose or too tight, will not only make the triangle stretching deformation, easy to damage, at the same time can also cause equipment is prohibited because the main bearing is too big, and accelerate the triangle wear. The synchronous belt knowledge, you can reference Uliflex drive website content for understanding and learning or log on to http://www. lilainuo。 Com, regularly updated information content let everybody timely grasp industry trends, welcome the attention.
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