Install polyurethane synchronous belt need to pay attention to the problem

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
When installing polyurethane synchronous belt we need to pay attention to the problem: 1, before the installation of the belt, must first remove foreign body 2, installing a synchronous belt don't kink belt 3, adjust the belt tension wheel, until appropriate tension 4 and tighten mounting bolts, correct torque, it is important to ensure that all transmission parts have been tightened 5, check whether the pulley is in a straight line is symmetrical, it is very important to polyurethane synchronous belt running 6, install new synchronous belt in the belt pulley, can't pry or too hard you understand now? Guangzhou Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, focus on industrial belt, development, production and sales for 15 years! Accumulated rich experience in the field of industrial belt! At the same time also provide professional technical support service for the customer, welcome to come to consult!
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