Install synchronous belt wheel should be guaranteed in these two aspects

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Install synchronous belt wheel is not a simple matter, for some professionals may be relatively simple, but for people, without the basis of parts at the time of installation is very difficult. The people who are interested in or a curious these more professional installation personnel is installed by what kind of guarantee. In fact, these professional synchronous belt wheel installation personnel where there is a need to pay attention to. Among them the first on the one hand, synchronous belt transmission, the two pulley axis parallelism requirement is higher, at the time of installation must first ensure parallelism of two pulleys, fold point is very important. Otherwise synchronous belt running deviation, are generated as even jump out of the pulley. And on the axis is also required. Also need to keep parallel axis, the axis is not parallel to the far will cause uneven stress, the toothed early wear. On the installation of the synchronous belt wheel need to be aware of the second aspect is the problem about supporting pulley: support the pulley frame, must have enough stiffness, otherwise the pulley when running can cause two axis is not parallel. These may be a lot of people at the time of installation are not pay attention to the problem, but is definitely a problem that nots allow to ignore.
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