Installation of industrial belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-29
1, selection model with the same and can match the saw tooth belt
2, open the packing to check whether there is rift belt contour, found that cracks are for the trash
3, the clean degree of the belt, do not put in the damp environment, to keep them clean and good environment

5, check for wear belt pulley, whether into linear symmetrical shape. Pulley in a straight line symmetry for mechanical operation of the synchronous belt have a vital link, also affects the practicability of other machinery and accessories
6, check the other machinery and equipment, to see if that with belt and grease whether to add enough
7, install a new belt in the belt pulley, can't pry directly with tools and hygroscopic belt
8, the mechanism of center distance, use the tension meter to test the size of the belt tension
9, be sure to tighten the mechanical mounting bolts, founder of torque. Due to mechanical device of any changes in operation when the center distance will lead to the performance of the belt and accessories do not use the
10, although no longer need to adjust the tension of leather belt, also want to start the mechanical device and observe the belt performance, see if there's any abnormal vibration and listen if there were any abnormal sound of sip. It is better to turn off the machine all the power and check of the condition of the bearing and mechanical;
if you feel too hot to the touch, may be the belt is too tight, or bearing asymmetry, or lubrication is not correct.

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