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by:Uliflex     2020-07-03
Belt conveyor maintenance: 1. Maintenance of tape    (1) Prevent damage to the tape due to the stuck material   ⑵Reliably clean the adhesive of the tape in time   ⑶Prevent large materials    (1) Routine maintenance: The daily maintenance of the belt conveyor is every shift and every day, which is coordinated and maintained by the operator and the repairman. Its contents mainly include:    ① Replenish the lubricating parts of the driving roller (or electric roller), reversing roller, reducer, tensioning device, brake device and other lubricating parts.   ②Adjust the pressure of the cleaner on the drum, replace the damaged parts, and remove the material accumulated in the cleaner.    ③Tighten the parts that are often in vibration during operation, such as the driving device, the tension device, the loading section and the fixing bolts of each roller.    ④ Replace the upper and lower idler rollers with inflexible rotation or severe wear.    ⑤ For cracked or severely damaged joints, cut off and redo in time.    ⑥Replace seriously damaged tape.   ⑦ Clean up the floating dust, scattered materials and accumulated water on the floor in time, especially the places where it is easy to accumulate, such as the loading point, sweeper and tail roller.   ⑧ For the protection of the belt conveyor, such as deviation, emergency stop, skid, etc., test once before each shift.   ⑨Others: Implement the work that will be arranged before the class. ⑵ Regular maintenance:   ① Regularly clean the bearings of the driving roller, reversing roller, motor, etc., check the wear and tear, and replace the lubricant in time.    ② Clean the reducer oil tank (or electric drum) to check the meshing and wear of gears, and replace the lubricant.    ③Replace the problematic parts in use, such as roller, wire rope, guide rope wheel, bracket, etc.    ④Measuring the motor (or electric drum), electrical switch, electrical control equipment, safety protection equipment, signal equipment, at least once a week.    ⑤ Change the tape according to the usage. 3. Adjustment of the deviation of the conveyor belt: deviation of the belt will cause the belt edge to be rough, worn or  Tear, even in severe cases, may cause fire. Therefore, it must be adjusted in time. Common adjustment methods are:    (1) When the belt is deflected, which side is deflected, move the side of the deviating roller support forward by a certain angle in the tape running direction.    (2) When the conveyor belt deflects the nose roller, move the nose roller forward a certain distance on the deviation side to fix it.    (3) The deviation caused by the joint error is periodic, and where the deviation is, the connector should be redone.    (4) The deviation caused by the incorrect loading and unloading position should pay attention to loading the material into the center of the tape. 4. Prevention of slippage of conveyor belt:    The main causes of tape slippage are overload, water on the roller, too loose tape, insufficient tension, and too long tape. So the way to prevent tape is:    (1) Prevent overload operation and prevent starting with material.   ⑵ Wipe out the water on the roller and belt in time.    (3) Check and adjust the tightening device in time so that the tape always maintains proper tension.   ⑷Cut the tape too long.
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