Introduction of different types and characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-06-13
(1) Narrow and wide imported triangle belts The width-to-height ratio of the ordinary triangle belt is 1: 1.5 ~ 1.6, while the narrow and wide triangle belts are 1: 1.2 and 1: 2, respectively. The structural size of the narrow V-belt can be reduced by about 50% compared with the ordinary V-belt, which can save a lot of raw materials, meanwhile, the strength is uniform, the effective contact area is large, and the bending stress is small, which can greatly extend the service life. The transmission efficiency of the narrow v-belt can reach 90% to 97%, the limit speed can reach 4050m / s, and the transmission capacity can be improved by 0.5 to 1.5 times. It is most suitable for short-distance, small pulleys for variable speed transmission, so it is also called It is a variable speed belt. Its characteristic is that the upper and lower surfaces of the belt are mostly made into a single-sided or double-sided arc or tooth shape, which makes it easy to adjust the speed. It is mainly used in low-speed conical and disc-type continuously variable transmissions. (2) Small angle and large angle imported triangle belt The main difference between it and the ordinary triangle belt is that the angle 40 'is changed to about 30' and 60 '. The small-angle V-belt can reduce the contact surface, reduce the required tension, extend the service life, and is suitable for the small tension transmission of the equipment. The large-angle V-belt is a hexagonal belt with a rectangular shape in the upper half and an inverted trapezoid in the lower half. (3) Active and punching imported triangle belt The flexible belt is formed by connecting multiple small sections with metal screws. The punching tape has many equidistant through holes punched in the longitudinal direction of the belt body to connect the joints. This V-belt is a triangle belt that can be jointed, and the length can be freely jointed according to the required length. It makes up for the limitation that ordinary triangle belts have no joints and can only be used according to the specified length. Another advantage is that in use, when the triangle belt body is partially damaged, the damaged part can be replaced and continued to be used. At the same time, it also has the advantage of simple and free adjustment of the length. However, due to its low strength, it can only be used for low-speed transmission, and due to problems such as low accuracy and poor transmission efficiency, it has been increasingly used in recent years.
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