Introduction of load capacity and characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-05-23
In order to better improve the bearing capacity and service life of the synchronous belt, reduce the transmission noise and improve the accuracy of movement, this paper made certain improvements to the tooth shape of the new flat-top arc tooth synchronous belt, and designed a new High-tooth arc tooth timing belt. Compared with the traditional arc tooth timing belt tooth profile, the double-sided tooth timing belt tooth profile has the following main features: (1) The height of the toothed belt is 14.75% higher than that of the traditional STPD arc tooth. ability (2) The tooth height is 6.06% higher than the tooth height, to reduce the pressure between the tooth groove and the tooth crest, improve the wear state between the teeth and the load bearing layer, and increase the life of the belt (3) There are four grooves in the tooth top, which can eliminate air and reduce noise when the belt is engaged with the wheel, and at the same time, the corpse day groove can also deform the top layer of the tooth to form an elastic tooth top, reduce the meshing impact, and improve the meshing state .
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