Introduction of raw materials and types used in

by:Uliflex     2020-05-19
The rubber timing belt uses high-quality imported neoprene as the main raw material and is equipped with a variety of auxiliary materials for different purposes; the skeleton material is imported high-quality glass fiber rope; the toothed surface is protected by nylon 66 high-elastic cloth. It has the characteristics of good dynamic flexibility, good anti-cracking performance, excellent ozone performance, aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and wear resistance. Neoprene timing belts are widely used in textile, automotive, chemical fiber, cigarette, paper, printing, and chemical machinery and equipment; in recent years, the demand for mining metallurgy, steel machinery, and medical equipment has been increasing. The rubber synchronous belt drive is composed of a closed ring-shaped adhesive tape with equidistant teeth on the inner peripheral surface and the corresponding pulley. During movement, the belt teeth and the tooth groove of the pulley are meshed to transmit motion and power. It is a meshing transmission, so it has various advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission. The rubber synchronous belt transmission has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, can obtain a constant speed ratio, can be precise transmission, the transmission is stable, can absorb shock, the noise is small, the transmission speed ratio range is large, generally up to 1:10, allowable linear speed Up to 50m / s, high transmission efficiency, generally up to 98% -99%. Transfer power from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts. The compact structure is also suitable for multi-axis transmission, small tension, no lubrication and no pollution, so it can work normally in places where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is harsh. Rubber synchronous belt can be divided into neoprene rubber plus fiber rope synchronous belt, polyurethane plus steel wire synchronous belt according to the material, according to the shape of the teeth are currently divided into two major categories of trapezoidal teeth and arc teeth, according to the arrangement of teeth Divided into single-sided tooth timing belt and double-sided tooth timing belt.
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