Introduction of the characteristics of endless

by:Uliflex     2020-06-04
The endless PVC conveyor belt refers to the endless conveyor belt that has been made into a jointless belt during the production process. The strength of the core joint can reach 90% of the strength of the tape body. There is no obvious joint defect on the surface of the tape. Therefore, the tape is balanced and used. Elongation is small. The endless conveyor belt is a jointless endless conveyor belt made in the production process. Its characteristic is that the belt core has no joints and does not affect the service life due to early damage at the joints. The surface of the belt is flat and uniform in tension. Therefore, the belt runs smoothly and is used. The elongation is small. The core of the endless PVC conveyor belt is made of high-quality cotton or vinyl cotton interwoven canvas, generally 2-6 layers or NN-200 nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) as a strong layer. Endless PVC conveyor belt length and limit deviation: Endless conveyor belt length m Limit deviation mm Length is less than 15 ± 50 Length 15-20 ± 75 Length is greater than 20 Belt length ± 0.5%, Baoding Tianli Tape Co., Ltd. can produce suitable according to customer needs Common types of length, width and thickness, heat-resistant type (≤120oC), cold-resistant type (not less than -40oC), acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt type, high-temperature resistant type (not more than 150oC) and sanitary circular conveyor belt.
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