Introduction of the development trend and characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-06-05
The development trend and characteristics of the pattern conveyor belt in China are as follows: 1 The performance and quality of general-purpose pattern conveyor belts are further improved and improved. The general-purpose fabric core conveyor belt is developing towards high strength and less layering. The steel cord conveyor belt should pay attention to improve impact resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance. 2 Functional and special-purpose conveyor belts have developed rapidly and become the key products of conveyor belts, such as flame-retardant conveyor belts for various purposes, especially PVC and PVG integral belt core pattern underground conveyor belts for coal mines. The performance and output of heat-resistant, cold-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant and large-inclination conveyor belts have been continuously improved. With the development of SR and skeleton materials, the use temperature of conveyor belts can reach 150-180 degrees. Thermal performance can reach about 180-250 degrees. 3 Pay attention to the development of high utilization performance of conveyor belt. The enclosed conveyor belt to prevent the material from scattering and the flying dust is developing rapidly. At present, there are varieties such as hanging and round tubes. Successfully developed fire-retardant steel wire rope conveyor belts and high heat-resistant conveyor belts for coal mines that meet the MT668 standard. The technology has reached the international advanced level. The development of the pattern conveyor belt industry in China is gradually shifting from quantity to quality and service life, from product after-sales service to pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. Gradually shift from focusing on short-term benefits to focusing on expanding new areas of use, developing high value-added products, and moving towards sustainable development.
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