Introduction of the role and characteristics of

by:Uliflex     2020-05-31
PU timing pulleys can be used in many places, such as robots, wheelchairs, motor shafts, etc. Basically, except for machines that use the reverse friction of the triangle belt, the timing pulley can be used. It is broader, and it saves costs compared to chains, so the amount of use is also very large. The PU timing belt wheel has seven characteristics compared with the triangle belt and the chain. The first point is that it has a very stable transmission ratio, the second point has a stable transmission, low noise, and the third point has high efficiency, up to 0.98, and has a good energy saving effect , The fourth point, without lubricating oil, easy maintenance and low cost, the fifth point speed ratio range is large, the transmission range can reach several watts to hundreds of kilowatts, the sixth point can be used for long-distance transmission, up to Above 10m, the seventh point is also very important. It is not polluted. Now the earth is polluted, and what is not polluted is too important.
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