Introduction of the structure of conveyor chain

by:Uliflex     2020-06-03
Select the length of the wire according to the output. The conveying chain plate is a conveying and assembling equipment that uses a large-pitch special curved plate chain as the transmission medium and drives the metal / plastic panel to circulate and reciprocate. Due to the solid structure of the line body and the transport medium, it is generally used in the transportation and assembly of heavy objects. The maximum load per meter can reach 500Kg. The conveying speed of the wire body is adjustable, there are various speed adjustment methods such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation, etc. The general fastest speed is within 15M / min. Due to the needs of the working environment and production process, the wire body can also be made into a 90-degree or 180-degree turn type, which is used in the vacuuming of air conditioner chain conveyor, refrigerator chain plate chain machine, power tool conveyor chain, etc. On detection. Various tooling fixtures can be set on the panel to meet the clamping, rotation, assembly and testing of the workpiece. When it is necessary to protect the surface of the workpiece, the panel can be made of plastic material or glued on the surface of the metal panel. The main structure of the wire body mainly has two kinds of steel frame structure and aluminum profile structure. The pitch of the transmission chain is available from 38.1mm to 200mm. It is the most ideal equipment for heavy goods transportation and assembly operation site.
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