Introduction to Light Conveyor Belt
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Introduction to Light Conveyor Belt

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The light conveyor belt is made of high-quality cotton and nylon polyester canvas as the core, and the rubber surface is made of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyethylene, silica gel and other materials. Its working temperature is generally -10°C to +80°C, and the connection is mainly hot-melt or mechanical at the time. The conveyor belt has good lateral stability and is suitable for various complex environments. It is the main product of Wuxi Mingcheng Transmission Co., Ltd.

Light conveyor belt
Conventional classification can be classified in different ways:

1. According to industry application classification: conveyor belts in the food processing industry, conveyor belts in the packaging and printing industry, conveyor belts in the logistics industry, conveyor belts in the woodworking industry, conveyor belts in the sports industry, conveyor belts in the stone industry, conveyor belts in the non-woven industry, etc.

2. Classification according to application performance: climbing conveyor belt, baffle conveyor belt, lifting conveyor belt, non-slip conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt, abrasion resistant and cutting resistant conveyor belt, anti-deflection conveyor belt, suction conveyor belt, sponge Conveyor belts, rubberized conveyor belts, slotted conveyor belts, edge banding conveyor belts, knife edge conveyor belts, turning conveyor belts, etc.

3. According to the color of the product, it can be divided into: green conveyor belt, white conveyor belt, black conveyor belt, blue conveyor belt, yellow conveyor belt, gray conveyor belt, transparent conveyor belt, dark green conveyor belt, etc.

4. According to the thickness of the conveyor belt: 0.6mm conveyor belt, 1.0mm conveyor belt, 1.5mm conveyor belt, 2.0mm conveyor belt, 3.0mm conveyor belt, 4.0mm conveyor belt, 5.0mm conveyor belt, 6.0mm conveyor belt and other conventional thickness . For special customization, please contact our professional customized coil.

5. Classification according to pattern type: matt conveyor belt, grass pattern conveyor belt, diamond pattern conveyor belt, cross pattern conveyor belt, small round table conveyor belt, zigzag pattern conveyor belt, crescent pattern conveyor belt, inverted triangle conveyor belt, washboard Conveyor belt, one-line pattern conveyor belt, straight stripe conveyor belt, cloth pattern, long round table conveyor belt, golf pattern conveyor belt, large square grid conveyor belt, etc.

6. According to the fabric level of light conveyor belt products, it is divided into: one cloth and one glue, two cloth and two glue, three cloth and three glue, four cloth and four glue, five cloth and five glue, one cloth and two glue, two cloth and three glue, three cloth and four Glue etc. Special tension cloth can be customized according to the requirements of tension.

7. According to the degree of cold resistance, it can be divided into: cold resistant conveyor belt (-40 degrees Celsius), high temperature resistant conveyor belt (instant temperature 120 degrees Celsius)

Features of Light Conveyor Belt:

1. The light conveyor has good lateral stability and is not easy to run away;

2. The light conveyor belt has various patterns, various thicknesses, and various colors, which are suitable for multiple industries and multiple scene applications;

3. Lightweight conveyor belt has light body, energy saving and consumption reduction;

4. The light conveyor belt can be processed conveniently, and the conveyor belt can be designed reasonably according to the different needs of customers.

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