Introduction to the design and advantages of high

by:Uliflex     2020-05-24
1) Simplified design of high-temperature synchronous pulley: According to the transmission power of gear transmission, input speed, transmission ratio and other conditions, determine the main parameters such as center distance and modulus. 2) Geometric design calculation: design and calculate the basic parameters of the gear, and calculate the geometric dimensions. 3) Strength check: After the basic parameters are determined, accurate tooth surface contact strength and tooth root bending strength are checked. 4) If the check does not meet the strength requirements, you can return Advantages of high-temperature synchronous belt pulley: The synchronous belt pulley drive is composed of a closed ring-shaped belt with equal-spaced teeth on the inner peripheral surface and the corresponding belt pulley. During movement, the belt teeth and the tooth groove of the pulley are meshed to transmit motion and power. It is a meshing transmission, so it has various advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission.
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