Knowledge of loading, unloading, installation

by:Uliflex     2020-06-03
Loading and unloading of imported triangle belts. Before installation, first check whether the driving wheel, passive wheel and tension wheel are on a flat surface. Generally speaking, when the center distance between the two pulleys is less than 1 meter, the allowable deviation is 2 to 3 mm, and when the center distance is more than 1 m, the allowable deviation is 3 to 4 mm. If the deviation is too large, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements before installation and tensioning. When loading and unloading, the tensioning wheel should be loosened first, or the endless disk of one end of the infinitely variable speed should be removed first, and the belt should be installed or removed. When the newly imported V-belt is too tight to be loaded and unloaded, you should remove a pulley first, and then install or remove the V-belt before installing the pulley. Generally, the V-belt of the joint group should be unloaded after removing the pulley. The tension of the belt. The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tensioning wheel. If the belt is too tight, the belt will be worn seriously, and if it is too loose, it will easily produce slippage, which will cause the imported triangle belt to wear or burn out. Generally, when the two wheel tracks are about 1 meter, use your fingers to press the middle of the triangle belt, and it should be vertically dropped by 10-20 mm. The tension of the triangle belt should be checked during use and adjusted at any time. Replacement of belt. Imported V-belts should be replaced in time after they are effective. If multiple V-belts are used in combination, if one or part of them is in effect, the other ones should be replaced at the same time. New and old belts cannot be used together. Belt cleaning. Imported triangle belts are prone to slipping when they are stained with grease, oil, etc., and accelerate the damage of the triangle belts. They should be cleaned with gasoline in time, or with alkaline water and other cleaning agents. Working temperature of the belt.
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