Liangpi is really delicious, your liangpi machine using teflon conveyor belt?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Hot summer weather, liangpi popular small spicy sweet and sour taste, also to eat a small make up last night, very delicious appetizer, is a kind of food not to be missed! Said liangpi, small make up the thought of liangpi machine, your liangpi machine is at work over ten hours a day? Formula is different in different region, liangpi taste also vary, but they all have one common feature, making is needs to be washed out of the flour gluten or gluten was produced with rice milk directly, as we all know, rice or other grain has a lot of starch, the starch is a kind of very sticky gather together, just make gluten is very easy to stick, so choose a non-stick, easy to clean up the gluten conveyor belt is very important. Uliflex here to recommend the following it very suitable for liangpi machine teflon conveyor belt products, it has many excellent properties, as liangpi machine conveyor belt that is more than sufficient. Uliflex below introduce you to the conveyor belt products: teflon conveyor belt as a high-performance conveyor belt has the following characteristics: 1, non-stick: teflon is a kind of ptfe emulsion, multi-purpose composite materials of new products, high-performance fiber cloth dipping, the surface smooth level off, can prevent stickiness is good, good heat resistance, easy to clean; 2, non-toxic, resistance to good, is a food grade conveyor belt products. 3, good dimensional stability, extended coefficient is very small, and it has good mechanical properties, high strength; 4, its resistance to bending fatigue, and can be used in the smaller diameter wheel; 5, has a good resistance to chemical corrosion performance, ability of strong acid, strong alkali and various kinds of organic solvent corrosion such as outstanding performance characteristics. Read the above information is for the special teflon conveyor belt special crush? So the question to the liangpi machine are there in your family? Your liangpi machine is configured with the worry and effort of conveyor belt products? Quietly tell you, this special teflon conveyor belt conveyor as well as other food! Hurry up to Uliflex understand once!
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