Machine tool transmission noise? Polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers have asked you to do the following two points!

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Share in the previous period, Uliflex jun to you how to control polyurethane synchronous belt transmission from the source of noise, we all know that the sound will be spread in the air, so the noise control we should not only start from the sound source, but also 'the remedy to the case' from its spread, the principle of sound source and transmission, truly achieve the perfect control of the mechanical equipment noise. So, the next Uliflex gentleman to share with you is that: how polyurethane synchronous belt transmission on the transmission of voice for effective control of noise. A, the synchronous belt wheel circumference direction sound attenuation trough belt width is wider, airflow run route is longer, the greater the pressure change of gas also, thus the greater the noise. So want to synchronous belt wheel and belt width narrow as far as possible, but the width of the synchronous belt have approximately proportional relationship with transfer of power, in order to meet the design of power, the width of the pulley and the belt must have certain. This is contradictory, if we want to reduce the noise, we need the width of the belt pulley and a small, but the width of the small and will affect the efficiency of drive gear transmission, in order to overcome this contradiction, we can in the pulley circumferential slot, make the air discharge can smoothly through the gas tank, so as to achieve the aim of reducing noise. Two radial sound attenuation trough, synchronous belt wheel if you want to further reduce the polyurethane synchronous belt transmission is caused by aerodynamic noise, can also adopt synchronous belt wheel of radial sound attenuation trough method. The above two points from the sound propagation control method of the noise reduction is very simple? Are said to 'learning', to apply these two methods together! ! ! ! What other industrial belt related questions you want to know? Message give Uliflex jun!
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