Main functions of slotted rubber timing belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-04
1. Belt positioning function. For example: rubber synchronous belt along the length direction of the belt, plan one or more square grooves or V grooves on the tooth surface or back to prevent the belt from swinging left and right. 2. Belt traction function. For example, the rubber timing belt needs to draw round pipes or wires and cables, along the length direction of the belt, plan one or more circular arc grooves on the back or back covering layer of the belt to achieve a smooth traction transmission effect. 3. Positioning and conveying function of the belt. For example: when the synchronous belt is conveying products, because the conveyed products are easy to roll, and the conveying requirements require the product to be positioned in a certain area; along the width direction of the belt, plan a horizontal direction suitable for the fixed product type on the back or cover layer of the belt groove. Can meet the needs of precise positioning or climbing. 4. Drainage chip removal function. For example: when conveying products, industrial rubber timing belts are grooved along the width or length of the belt on the back or cover of the belt. After the product is cut, the waste chips are washed by water, and then flowed to the designated position through the planed groove. (This design avoids cutting waste left on the belt, causing contamination or scratching the product.) 5. Convenient access function. For example, when conveying glass or flat steel plates, multiple grooves are cut along the belt width direction or length direction on the back or cover of the belt. Avoid sucking the product and the belt, it is convenient to take it to improve work efficiency. 6. Other special functions. According to the use characteristics of the machine, special-purpose slotted belts are customized; please contact Gardner's sales personnel for details.
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