Maintain some matters needing attention of polyurethane synchronous belt you know?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Polyurethane synchronous belt is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane ( PU) As the main raw material, steel wire with high strength and strong sex as a powerful layer section has good stable performance, use synchronous belt products. In order to guarantee the life of the polyurethane synchronous belt and the normal work of the actuator, we in the use of polyurethane synchronous belt, the need to pay attention to the following situation: one, regular inspection of the synchronous belt tensioning regularly check whether polyurethane synchronous belt tensioning degree after meet the prescribed requirements. Check regularly, and repeated adjustment, synchronous belt still does not meet the requirements, at this point, we need to consider replacement new PU synchronous belt. When replacement, all work on the same pulley belt should be replaced at the same time, the main purpose is to prevent the same belt on the pulley from old and new, different length, PU synchronous belt caused by uneven load distribution of the vibration of synchronous belt, PU, transmission is not stable, reduce the PU synchronous belt transmission efficiency. Second, polyurethane synchronous belt without belt wax coating polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt is a good friction coefficient, wear resistance, good synchronous belt product, don't need a belt wax coating can provide enough friction to drive. Three, save method of synchronous belt polyurethane synchronous belt after long time need not when needed, and stored in low temperature, no direct sunlight, no pollution and corrosion smoke place, to prevent qualitative change of the synchronous belt storage time long. These three points you have learned? For the above considerations are there any questions and different opinions? Leave a message to Uliflex! ! ! ! Welcome to come to consult!
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