Manufacturing process of rubber synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-05-21
Rubber timing belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel, and other industries. Usually, rubber timing belt core cloth layers are woven from threads through a weaving machine. This type of core belt requires the surface and inner layers of the finished product It is necessary to carry out multiple dipping and multi-layer adhesives. After vulcanization, usually the surface layer adhesive is dried, but the inner layer adhesive is not fully vulcanized. After the inner layer adhesive is fully vulcanized, the surface adhesive has been Aging leads to a high scrap rate of the product. Due to the dipping of both the surface layer and the inner layer, the amount of glue used is large, the production process is complicated, the adhesion between the surface layer and the inner cloth is not good, and the cloth can easily rise or fall off. The poor quality and short service life bring unnecessary trouble to production and affect the production efficiency; Therefore, the production process of the new conveyor belt cloth core layer with simple operation, high viscosity of the surface of the belt and the core cloth, and a longer service life under field conditions came into being. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the original manufacturing process, which mainly includes The following steps: Twisting: the warp and weft of textiles, of which the warp for the weaving surface layer is individually twisted into normal twist yarn and reverse twist yarn; Making dipping line: The twisted yarn and the reverse twisted yarn are dipped, dried and formed, and then rolled onto the reel to become the dipping line; Weaving: The wiring is performed according to the wiring method of the multi-layer cloth, but the wiring method of the surface layer is: a positive twist yarn and a reverse twist yarn after dipping are arranged as the warp threads of the weaving surface layer. Synchronous weaving of the surface layer and the core layer on the weaving machine; Compound: compound a layer of rubber or plastic on the upper and lower surfaces of the woven cloth; Finally, the finished product can be trimmed, rolled and packaged to complete. The upper and lower surfaces of the woven high-strength conveyor belt core cloth layer are coated with a layer of rubber and then vulcanized on the vulcanizing machine. The core cloth is woven by warp and weft, and has a surface layer and an inner layer. Its weft is composed of two parts, one part is from top to bottom or bottom to top respectively. A part of the single-strand warp thread that crosses through each layer from top to bottom or from bottom to top from the two sides of the single-strand warp thread is arranged in turn. The anti-static wires and dipped wires are arranged at intervals.
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