Matters needing attention for pattern conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-05-22
1. Put a flexible shaft on the coiling iron core of the pattern conveyor belt, and fix the belt frame. Before placing the frame, pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower cover glue. 2. In the place where it is not suitable for shelf, the pattern conveyor belt can be rolled away, and the folding belt conveyor belt has a sufficiently large radius of curvature to avoid damage to the conveyor belt. The folding place prevents heavy objects from being placed on the conveyor belt. 3. If it is to replace the pattern conveyor belt, the new belt and the old belt can be connected together, and the unloading of the belt and the new conveyor belt automation equipment are carried out together. 4. For conveyors that work horizontally, the old conveyors can be blocked at any point. For conveyors that work in an oblique direction, the interception point must be selected to avoid loss of control due to its own weight. 5. After the conveyor has aligned the position of the new pattern conveyor belt, fix one end of the tape with a clamp, and then connect it with the rope that bypasses the roller and the pulley, and then the conveyor belt is balancedly placed on the conveyor by the traction equipment. When towing, avoid the kneading of the conveyor belt and the rack. 6. Fix one end of the conveyor belt on the conveyor frame with a clamp, and pull the other end tightly through the pulley until the conveyor belt does not sag on the return roller. 7. Fix the tensioning device 100 ~ 150mm away from the starting point
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