Need to involve in the design of synchronous pulleys which aspects

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt is a combination of belt drive, chain drive and gear transmission and the advantages of the new developed plastic belt. It by a working face with tooth and tooth belt wheel tooth meshing of gear, the strong layer is composed of high tensile strength, elongation of small fiber materials or metal materials, so that the synchronous belt pitch line length in the process of transmission basic remains the same, between the belt and belt wheel sliding in the transmission process, thus ensuring the main, driven wheel is no slip step transmission. So when designing synchronous belt need to understand failure modes. Synchronous belt carrying rope fracture damage in the process of operation is a common failure forms. Failure reason is in the process of transmission power, rope carrying the role of excessive tension, and make the bearing rope is pulled. Also elected with active sludge wheel diameter is too small, make the bearing rope in the entry and exit zone lun cyclical bending fatigue under high stress, also can produce bending fatigue fracture. In the design must pay attention to these problems. The material of synchronous belt wheel has a lot of, for different occasions for different materials. Such as some mechanical requires very high corrosion resistance, users can buy copper, or stainless steel synchronous belt wheel. Of course, in order to improve its corrosion resistance, the factory will all kinds of processing on the surface of it. Such as grey black oxidation, salt fog, galvanized, high frequency quenching and so on. Synchronous belt wheel, the design is not only to consider the use of environmental requirements, also need to involve more aspects. In the design of synchronous belt wheel gear, production staff need to take into account the gear drive transmission power, input speed, transmission ratio and so on. Consider these is to determine the center distance of the synchronous belt wheel and modulus, of course, if you have already known the center distance and modulus, can directly make the next step. Next, make they are calculating the basic parameters of gears. When calculating these aspects, production staff need to use geometry calculation method. When the synchronous belt wheel gear after good basic parameter calculation, can accurately check tooth surface contact strength and tooth root bending strength. Finally, when the team in the checking of the synchronous belt wheel, found that its strength is insufficient, still need to calculate again.
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