Need to make sure that the installation of the synchronous belt wheel rationality of synchronous belt wheel used to be normal

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Synchronous belt wheel is very common in the now a lot of mechanical equipment, its existence can be ensure mechanical equipment good transmission functions, thus its for equipment is an important mechanical equipment. Installation is people to pay attention to when using synchronous belt wheel problem, should be to ensure that the correct installation, can ensure that its use is normal. Center distance to determine the good: the installation of the synchronous belt wheel of the distance between two pulleys is people should want to make sure good, need to keep the right distance, or both in distance larger or smaller will affect the normal use, and the determination of center distance still should be set according to the actual situation. Of exerting strength to note: in the process of installation of synchronous belt wheel of exerting strength need to pay attention to people, will not be able to exert greater strength, but also need to avoid even the appearance of the screwdriver hard to pry, this can cause the damage of the pulley. Check should be: the installation according to the requirements of synchronous belt wheel, and people still want to do a good job of check after installation, it can know whether the installation is correct, for the existence of the abnormal timely solve, so as not to affect the normal use. Synchronous belt wheel installation people need to be taken seriously, it is important to ensure that the installation does not exist, so the installation of the right, also will let the mechanical equipment functioning more normally.
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