New 3VX joint trimming belt

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
The new structure of the 3VX joint trimming belt has a qualitative leap in belt performance.


It is suitable for all industrial applications, especially for applications where space, transmission power and ambient temperature are very demanding, such as air compressors, fans and agricultural harvesters.

Structural characteristics:

1. Use fiber reinforced rubber. Significantly improve belt transmission power

2. The belt temperature range is -45℃ to +120℃, adapting to a variety of complex environments

3. High-strength aramid cord, higher tensile strength and durability, better dimensional stability

4. The newly designed bottom tooth shape makes the belt more flexible and effectively reduces the cracking of the tooth bottom

5. The precision-ground low-friction side can be applied to clutch applications to prevent unclear clutch

6. Provide 3/3VX, 4/3VX, 5/3VX joint belts, covering the length range of 750-2000mm
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