Pattern conveyor belt slip phenomenon and its solution

by:Uliflex     2020-06-12
1. The initial tension of the pattern conveyor belt is too small. The tension of the conveyor belt leaving the roller is not enough to cause the conveyor belt to slip. This situation generally occurs at startup, and the solution is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension. 2. The friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt is not enough to cause slippage. The reason why it is not necessary is mostly the water on the conveyor belt or the humid environment. The solution is to add some rosin powder to the roller. But be careful not to do it by hand, but use blowing equipment to blow in to avoid personal accidents. 3. There is too much damage to the tail roller bearing or the upper and lower roller bearings. The reason for the damage is that the tail of the aircraft is too heavy, and the damaged or inflexible parts have not been repaired and replaced in time, causing the increase in resistance and slipping. 4. If the starting speed is too fast, it can also form a slip. You can start slowly at this time. If a squirrel cage motor is used, it can be jogged twice and then started, which can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon. 5. The load of the pattern conveyor belt is too large, and it will slip if it exceeds the capacity of the motor. The advantage of skidding at this time is that it protects the motor. Otherwise, the motor will be burned out after a long time. But for operation, it is a slipping accident.
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