Physical detection method for adhesion degree

by:Uliflex     2020-05-28
High-temperature resistant conveyor belts are mostly complicated in shape and structure. Some conveyor belt components include various textiles, tapes, and metal materials in addition to rubber. There are also many parts that make up a product. The forming process is like the assembly process of machine manufacturing. Through forming, each part is combined into a whole with a certain shape, and the skeleton and the upper and lower cover glue are closely adhered. The length of the two ends of the sample in the holder is 30 mm each, and the sample must not be clamped too tightly to avoid early damage to the sample at the clamping site. Adjust the eccentric mechanism and upper holder of the testing machine so that the two The minimum spacing of the holder is 25mm, and the maximum spacing of the holder reaches the required working distance; in the method of evaporating the test liquid, extract the test liquid with the mass of the soluble substance equal to the immersed sample, wash the rubber band Remains in the utensils and blank test equipment, and the difference in quality of the remnants from the process.
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